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Heavy Chewers Pack - Replacement Strings for the Forever Stick Cat Wand

Heavy Chewers Pack - Replacement Strings for the Forever Stick Cat Wand

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The Official String Replacement Pack for the Forever Stick by Repounce.

Does your cat chew through all your string toys? No More! Forever Stick and its replaceable strings provide a ‘good-as-new’ playtime everytime!

Introducing Heavy Chewers Pack of Replacement Strings!
-1x Chew-Proof Metal String with smooth plastic coating.
-2x Replacement Strings, durable 100% nylon paracord.
- All strings are 36 inches (90 cm) long.
- Fitted with metal rings for easy on-and-off, and universal quick clasps to attach any toy!

These refillable and replaceable strings ensure your cat's playtime never ends. Compatible with the Forever Stick and other cat wands, they offer a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for long-lasting fun. Keep your feline friend engaged and entertained with these high-quality, heavy-duty cat toy strings.

3-IN-ONE - Enjoy 3 replacement strings in this pack of refillable strings! Including 1x chew-proof metal string with smooth coating and 2x 100% nylon paracord strings. All strings are 36 inches long and comes with a metal ring for each on-and-off and universal quick clasps to attach any toy.

CHEW-PROOF - Built to Last! Our unique metal string is specially crafted to withstand the toughest chewers. No more frayed or broken strings – enjoy this chew-proof cat string that offers reliability and fun.

REFILLABLE - Don’t buy new wands, just get new strings! Forever Stick is the first cat wand with replaceable strings, designed for cats that love to chew. Made with high-quality, durable materials, these strings ensure long-lasting fun and engagement.

VERSATILE - Fits All Your Cat’s Needs! These replaceable strings are compatible with any cat toy thanks to their universal quick clasps! Attach whatever your cat loves and see them go crazy with excitement! 

SUSTAINABLE - Eco-Friendly Playtime! Say goodbye to disposable, single-use cat wands. The Forever Stick together with our replacement strings are a sustainable choice, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly play.

Warning information
Always supervise your cat during play to ensure safety. Inspect the toy regularly for damage. Discard any broken parts immediately. Not intended for children or pets other than cats. The manufacturer is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.

About Us and the Heavy Chewers Pack
At Repounce, we believe in the power of play for happy, healthy cats. We understand that some cats are tougher on their toys, which is why we created the Heavy Chewers Pack – to ensure every cat enjoys endless, durable fun.

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