About us

This is my favourite photo in the world - and also a picture of my 3 co-founders. 

Let me introduce you to our little family: first, there's Petra, my incredible partner in crime, my everything. We embarked on this journey after our first cat, the wise elder named Gorba, entered our lives. You'll spot Gorba lounging like a panther on a branch on Petra's shoulders – his favourite spot. Though, I must admit, he likes my shoulders even more. And then there's the curious little brother, Tolstoy. Always up to mischief, and forever seeking cuddles from us and his big brother.

That’s us. And we started repounce to connect with fellow modern cat lovers like you.

Our goal is simple – we want to shake up the cat toy scene. We're creating toys that are fun for cats, easy on the planet, and bring endless joy to both felines and their devoted owners!

Guess what? We're almost ready to unveil our first creation – the Forever Stick. It's a big step for us, a symbol of our commitment.

If our story resonates with you, we'd love for you to join us on Facebook and subscribe to our emails. Let's share this adventure and don’t miss out on the big launch!

With warmest wishes,
Anton, Petra, Gorba, and Tolstoy.