on your very own Forever Stick.

  • Forever Stick

    The heart of playtime - the wand. Forever Stick features an extra-long, ultra-flexible wand with an ergonomic cork handle.

  • Forever String

    Fitted with metal clamps, a metal split ring for easy attachment and removal, and a universal quick clasp for string toy play.

  • Wall Mount

    No more toy wands cluttering your floors. Made from black silicone and self-adhesive glue from 3M.


When you get your Forever Stick it's brand new.

Follow these steps to make it perform at its best.

Wear it in!

Your stick won't be as flexible as in this picture. It needs to be worn-in. If you want to speed up the process, then bend it multiple times without using excessive force.

Open it

The Universal Quick Clasps on the end of the Forever Stick and the Forever String will be hard in the beginning. Open and close them a few times and you'll notice that they will be much easier to use going forward.

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Safety first!

Choose toys/baits that are safe and appropriate for your cat, and always supervise play sessions. Remember, each cat is unique – what works for one might not work for another.

15 minutes, twice a day

Play is not just physical exercise but also crucial for their mental health and emotional well-being. 15 minutes, twice a day is a normal playtime level. Younger cats will often need shorter but more frequent play sessions, while older cats might need more rest.

Early mornings, late evenings

Cats are most active during dawn and dusk. Aligning playtime with these natural active periods often leads to better engagement. Establishing a consistent routine. teaches your cat to know when it’s time to unleash their inner energy reserves.

Rotate your baits

Keeping playtime interesting is essential. Variety in toys prevents boredom and keeps your cat intrigued. Experiment with different toys – plush mice, feather baits, and strings are among the most common favorites.

Change up your playstyle

Introduce unpredictability in playtime by changing play styles frequently. Use varied movements mimicing natural prey and stimulate your cat’s instincts. Switch between long runs and high jumps with the Forever String, and quick dashing movements of a mouse without.

Make it challenging

Playtime should be challenging. Remember that this is the domesticated cat’s version of hunt. Allow them to stalk, pounce, sprint and jump, just as a lion would in the wild. If playtime is too easy (or impossible) then it often becomes mundane and boring.

Enjoy yourself!

Your cat responds to your energy levels. Put away your phone for a minute. Be present and see how much fun your cat is having chasing that mouse or wrestling with that feather bait. Enjoy that moment and appreciate that you’re enriching your cat’s life!

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