Does the Forever Stick really last a lifetime?

It does! The Forever Stick should last a whole lifetime when used daily to play with your cat just the way they like it - scratching, biting, pulling, swatting, and jumping. It’s designed to be durable and reusable.


What if my Forever Stick breaks?

You’ve bought a product meant to last a lifetime, so of course we’ll take care of you! Reach out to us at anton@repounce.com and if we can’t repair it or offer spare parts, then we’ll send you a new one, free of charge, just pay for shipping! Yes, we’re really that confident that the Forever Stick should last.. well, Forever.


Do I have to buy refill Cat Baits from you?

No, and we actually recommend that you don’t! Cats love playing with all kinds of things - not just proper cat toys for sale. With the Forever Stick you can attach basically anything; hair ties, bottle caps, plush mice, paper balls, you name it. So entertain your cat while saving the environment - play with what you already have! And if you want to spoil your cat on a birthday or when they’ve been a really, really good kitty - well, then you can buy some irresistible Cat Baits from our website.

My cat doesn’t play much - why should I buy the Forever Stick?

If your cat doesn’t play much, then you’ve probably not found his or her kryptonite yet! All cats play - yes, all. In varying degrees, sure, but all cats play. The great thing with the Forever Stick is that you can find out what your cat likes, and then attach exactly that for an intense playtime and intimate bonding experience. Cats need play for physical and mental stimulation, and playing with them instead of just leaving some toys on the floor strengthens your bond.

My cat doesn’t really like wands with strings - can I use the Forever Stick without the string?

Absolutely, you can! You can quickly and easily detach and reattach the Forever String to your Forever Stick to keep your playtime interesting and varied for your cat. We recommend switching baits and set-ups often, so that playtime never becomes mundane.

Is the Forever Stick flexible, or will it break when bent?

The Forever Stick is absolutely flexible. Much more so at the tip than at the handle - designed to be sturdy and durable while flexible, fun and safe at the tip. The top part of the Forever Stick can be bent quite a lot and always returns to its original shape thanks to its unique material.

Why is the Forever Stick so long?

Yes - it’s long. 90cm to be exact (or 35.4 inches). After thorough testing we found 90cm to be the optimal length - giving you good control of the Forever Stick, while being long enough that if you’re playing without a string you won’t break your back after 3 minutes of playtime as with many other cat teaser wands.

What if my cat really doesn’t like it?

We’re offering a 30-day Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee! All cats are unique, which is exactly why the Forever Stick is designed for flexibility! Attach practically anything that gets your cat going, and rotate between no string for quick and exact mouse-like movements, or attach the Forever String and watch your cat make high jumps trying to catch that bird-like toy. We’re so sure that all cats can find some setup of the Forever Stick that gets them going, that we’re offering a 30-day Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. In short this means that you can open it, test it, use it and if you still want to return it you can do so - no questions asked. Just email us at anton@repounce.com to get your free shipping return label.

How is this different from other cat teaser wands on the market?

Most other cat teaser wands are cheap, wear-and-tear single-use wands. With the Forever Stick you get a durable, modular and reusable cat teaser wand - made to last a lifetime. This is the only cat teaser wand you will ever need, and it's sure to bring you and your cat lots of joy!

Isn’t it wasteful to buy yet another cat toy?

We believe that by buying the Forever Stick you will actually lower your long-term carbon footprint by not having to buy more single-use toys. Additionally, you can attach all kinds of household items to your Forever Stick for an awesome playtime, so don’t buy new, use what you have! Hair ties, bottle caps, paper balls and pieces of string - everything can act as an enticing prey!

Is cork a sustainable material?

YES! Cork is actually one of the most sustainable materials there are. It’s recyclable, biodegradable and regenerative. Cork is made from the bark of the cork tree - and when it’s harvested the tree is left intact, and cork can be harvested again after a few years, all without harming the tree or the environment. Cork forests act against climate change by trapping C02 and providing shelter for many different species.