Modern Cat Ownership: 7 Tips for Traveling with Your Cat in the Car! πŸš—πŸˆβ€β¬›

Modern Cat Ownership: 7 Tips for Traveling with Your Cat in the Car! πŸš—πŸˆβ€β¬›

Hello dear community members!
I wanted to share our experiences of traveling extensively with our cats in the car this summer - and explain why I believe it has been a tremendous success!

We have two Russian Blue cats, indoor felines named Gorba and Tolstoy. They are half-brothers and are 3 and 2.5 years old respectively. Two summers ago, we embarked on our first road trip with them – and it didn't go too well – which is why we're overjoyed that they have now learned to travel in the car, and surprisingly, even enjoy it!

Ditch the Carrier and Get a Harness
We've previously attempted to travel with the cats in carriers. Large ones, small ones, made of fabric or hard plastic, with or without a blanket covering – they didn't like any of them. This time, we decided to try using short leashes that connect to the seat belt adapter, and the results have been incredibly calming! We suspect that they feel confined and uneasy in carriers, especially when they're separated from us. By using a harness and leash, they remain secure, safe, and calm in the back seat.

Feliway Spray
We're not entirely sure how effective it is, but we've heard positive feedback from other cat owners and thus, we always use it when we travel and visit new places. It's easy to use, and it certainly doesn't seem to cause any harm, so we figure, why not give it a shot.

Lots of Playtime!
Before setting off and whenever you stop for the night, engage in plenty of playtime. Play with them until they're completely tired out, then take a short break and play even more later. Our cats need lots of play to feel their best, even though they have each other. They may play a bit with their own toys, but they're most active when we play together with them. While we used to have a variety of different rods and teasers, we've now designed a modular custom rod that encompasses everything we need – you can attach anything to it in various ways, keeping the cats entertained. We're excited to announce that it will soon be available on our website - sign up with your email to get notified before the launch!

Invest in a Dog Car Seat Cover
We purchased a dog car seat cover that spans the entire back seat. It easily fastens to the back and front headrests, as well as the handles on the ceiling, creating a spacious fabric enclosure in the back seat. This adds comfort for the cats, and all the shedding doesn't mess up the entire car. The one we bought even has a mesh in the center towards the front, allowing them to see us better.

Give Them an Elevated Spot to Lounge
We placed a backpack with a blanket in the middle of the back seat. There, they can lounge and observe – both gazing out through the windows and keeping a closer eye on us. When they're not in the mood for observing, they have a cozy edge to lean against.

Treats and Praise
Just like with most training, offering treats and praise when they enter the car and each time you stop definitely helps. This strategy seems to work especially well with our cats who are little food enthusiastsΒ πŸ˜‚

Use Cruise Control
Having covered many long distances, we highly recommend using cruise control (if your car has that feature) as much as possible. It results in a smoother ride, and the cats are spared from numerous accelerations – both up and down.

I hope these tips can contribute to a better car journey for you and your cats! If you have any questions or want to know more about our custom-designed cat toy, feel free to send me a message. And if you have any additional tips that I haven't mentioned, please do comment – let's create an even more extensive list of tips together!
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