7 Most Famous Cats + a Bonus!

As we all know; cats are awesome. 

So it’s no wonder that some very famous people also have one or more cats.

But perhaps you didn’t know that Taylor Swift has 3 cats? Or that Ricky Gervais Instagram is roughly 70% pictures of his cat? That Katy Perry and Russel Brand both have cats? Or what about Kesha and Robert Downey Jr?

It’s easy to think that these are some of the most famous cats in the world - but no.

The most famous cats aren’t just famous because of the fame of their owners - they have their own fan clubs. BIG fan clubs.

Looking for some cuteness to brighten up your feeds?

I've taken the time to create an overview of the most followed cats on Instagram. Follow these 7 cats for guaranteed feel good moments!

One of your friends feeling down? Send them this picture!

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